It’s a common occurrence that can cause a driver great distress. A rock or other debris flies up and hits the windscreen while driving, resulting in a chip or a small crack in the glass. Rather than rush to replace the entire windscreen, it may be possible to take a less costly approach and have windscreen repairs made instead.

Repair Versus Replacement

Having a windscreen replaced can be quite expensive, and even with insurance a driver may have a large deductible to meet before the insurance company pays the rest. Minor dings, chips and cracks don’t always mean that a full replacement is necessary. Depending on the size and placement of the damage, it may be possible to repair the problem and restore the glass to its original integrity and strength, while making it virtually undetectable at the same time.


Restoring a windscreen should be done at the earliest possible time, before the damage expands or dirt gets embedded inside. Since the expense of a full windscreen replacement is quite high, many insurance companies are happy to cover most or all of the cost if the windscreen can be repaired instead. Restoration renews the life of the glass and does not compromise its safety aspects in any way.

What Can Be Restored

Most chips, dings and spider cracks can be fixed with a restoration process, however large cracks cannot. Large cracks or damage in the critical vision area may require that a replacement windshield be installed. If unsure if the glass is a candidate for restoration, have it assessed by a professional.

The Restoration Process

In order for a windscreen to be repaired, the area to be fixed must first be cleaned so that the glass will not be cloudy after the application. Then a resin material is injected, and any air inside is extracted, in order for the resin to fuse the glass back into place. Once cured and polished, the glass will be structurally sound and crystal clear once again.

Choosing to repair a windscreen instead of replacing it has many benefits. The cost is much less, or free in many cases, and it only takes a few hours for the whole process to be completed. Besides making economical sense, it’s environmentally friendly, too.