The Art of Home Brewing and Brewing Equipment.

A genuine beer lover can tell good beer from that which has not been brewed properly. Good beer has to be brewed from good equipment and this means investing in the best. When it comes to brewing your own beer, many who wish to take upon the endeavor might not know where to start. chances are that you think that obtaining the equipment needed in brewing beer is expensive and difficult but it’s actually very simple.

The first equipment to have to start brewing with malt extract is the boiling kettle which should be strong enough to handle the task. The kettles should be equipped with handles to enable lift when they are full of hot fluid. The brewing process makes use of certain temperatures and this makes it necessary to have some monitoring mechanisms, a thermometer .

A brewing thermometer will be exposed to very high temperatures and therefore it needs to be made of quality materials so as to be efficient on the job. When it comes to adding yeast to the brew, the temperatures should not be too high as it kills the yeast or when too cold the yeast will not work. To help in making the brew more quality it needs some stirring and for this, one needs a long steel spoon which cannot carry bacteria like those made from wood. A fermenter will be needed to ferment the brew after you have finished with the brewing.

Fermenters exist in different types but the most common one and simple is the plastic bucket type. Alcohol strength needs to be measured and hence the need for a hydrometer. To bottle your beer, first you have to transfer the beer into a bottling bucket and with the help of a plastic hose, siphon and bottle filler one can begin bottling the beer. For the last step of home brewing process, a bottle caper is needed to put the caps on the bottles.

A strainer is an equipment which is needed to filter beer sediments when transferring brew from the kettle to a fermenter. All through the entire process it’s important to remember bacteria destroys the beer or the brew. Frequent sanitization is necessary for safe home brewing . Sanitization should be performed on everything involved in the home brewing process. After beer equipment has been cleaned it should also be stored properly to avoid any contamination later. Beer at the end of a long day is relaxing ,homemade beer is even better.

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