Why You Should Use Granite And Marble On Your Home

Modernizing kitchen countertops with precious stones is what is trending the most these days. These stones last longer, heat-resistant, luxurious counters are magnificent and are practical addition to any home. But with the varied types of both the engineered and natural stones, picking the right stones that complement your kitchen can be a tough undertaking. You may decide to find out more about these rocks, but after all, you will see that each one has their benefits and disadvantages. It would be crucial, therefore, to assess which stone is right for your needs.

Granite and marble are essential natural stones for many home builders and homeowners. Because of their vast applications and extraordinary features, both granite and marble are found to be reliable and resilient when used in kitchen countertops.

Granite and marble are the most suitable for countertops use since they are long-lasting and heat-resistant as well. Granite and marble are believed to be the most durable material among all the other natural stones. Because of this, most of the homeowners and builders would pick either granite or marble since they are durability.

Granite one of the commonest volcanic rock that forms beautiful crystalline texture. Being a hard rock, granite is the best option when it comes lining kitchen countertops and bathroom floors as well because it is not only heat resistant but also scratch resistant.

Granite rock is formed through an intense heat and pressure of individual rocks for an extended period, thus making granite ricks vary in characteristics. This remarkable property is what drives homeowners to get what they desire. A variety of Granite countertops with vast designs and colors exist, from neutral to sky blue and dark green as well. This type of natural countertops would fit uniquely to kitchen and bathroom, probably even more elegantly as compared to the engineered stones such as quartz, as the sellers would frequently alleged.

Despite the prestigious reputation the granite countertops have, a few disadvantages are bedeviling it as well. To start with, this rock is moderately porous, so you would have to seal the pores to curb stains. Thankfully, the sealing process isn’t complicated, but you will be doing that regularly to maintain its beauty. On top of its porosity, granite is quite expensive material.

Marble can be one other superior material for your kitchen countertops. This distinctive elegance created by the marble stones can radically raise your home value, due to its prestige and high reputation it is associated with. Moreover, marble countertops are also ideal for pie crusts, pastries, and other baked products. Marble countertops come with diverse color patterns, from faint blue to dense black.

Nevertheless, marble countertops, because of its delicate nature, are easily scratched and thus losing its beauty. In addition to that, marble countertops can get damaged by the acidic spills.

With the diverse styles, colors, designs and that marble and granite countertops offer, homeowners and builders can finally live in their outstanding homes that they have always wanted.

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchens

The Ultimate Guide to Kitchens