Eco Friendly Event Invitations

Why should life event celebration invitations be any different if being environmentally conscious is becoming more relevant in every aspect of life? Whether it is a birthday, wedding, or memorial, the invitation sets the mood. You do not have to sacrifice taste or style when you are thinking of putting together an event using eco-friendly invitations There are a lot of options that are available to the true seeker. Here are four creative and environmentally conscious way to create your invitation event card:

1) Use recycled paper. As the backdrop for your paper, not only purchased paper, but also consider utilizing junk mail flyers, magazine advertisements, or old coloring book pages. This in fact works very well for occasions that are non-formal. For the perfect backdrop, utilize your creative eye to scour the many loose papers in your home. Even newspaper advertisements can add style to your event. It is up to you to flex your muscle.
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2) Broadcast electronic invitations. Your carbon footprint can be greatly reduced by this method. There are a lot of websites wherein they offer electronic invitations services. You will be able to create relevant, and beautiful invitations to email to your guest list.
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3) Utilize plantable papers. Plantable papers are beautiful unique papers that can be planted once received and will grow the annual and perennial wildflowers whose seeds were incorporated into their fibers. This option would very well suit for more formal events including but are not limited to weddings, and anniversary celebrations. It is a simple and yet lovely way not to only get your message sent across, but also to enable and give your guests a small token that will aid them in commemorating your event every year.

4) Utilize Tree-free papers. These papers are manufactured and created through the use of crops such as flax, hemp, and cotton, another material used are agricultural residue, or crop left overs, such as rice, and wheat straw or cotton rags which are then utilized, before wood, as the main choice of raw material. By using this type of paper, it helps ensure that less chemicals and energy are utilized in its production, as well as ensure that trees are not destroyed for its production.

It is crucial to think about not what only is being written in your invitation, but what is also being conveyed since invitations can set the mood for your event. Your creativity will surely stand out by the use of these varied materials. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated by your guests since you have given them something memorable and also environmental friendly when you send and give out an invitation that is environmentally sound and is very out of the norm unique style.