Cosmetic Lip Injection

Many people would wish to know about lip injection. Another name for lip injection is lip augmentation. The practice can consist of an injection or grafting of skin into the lips section. A lip injection is cheaper and gives results endearing it more as compared to skin grafting. A lip injection procedure involves the injection of softer materials into the lips giving it a plump look desired. The material that is commonly used for this purpose is collagen. Collagen may cause some allergic reaction in some people, and it is, therefore, advisable that one seeks a sensitivity test from a clinic before the injection is done.

However collagen is not only the material that can be used, but one can also be injected with fat. This fat is gotten from your other parts of the body. Such areas could be the thighs or from the abdomen area of your body. An advantage on the use of fat as the filler material is that the chances of an allergic reaction are significantly reduced. This procedure may need to be conducted more than once to achieve the desirable results just like collagen. Artecoll may be used if one is seeking for a permanent lip fill. Artecoll is made up of synthetic beads that stay in the lips for a longer time.

The injections on the lips is referred to as the safest cosmetic surgery procedure that one can undergo. However if they are not done in the right way they may lead to complications. Bleedind is one of the risks that exist. Suffering from diseases such as diabetes makes a person more prone to developing complications during the procedure. If one has a heart problem or even lung diseases they should discuss their conditions with a doctor before this procedure is carried out on them. With their health history a professional doctor will make a right decision concerning the procedure. This reduces significantly the probability of complications arising during the procedure.

Despite the lip injection exercise being considered to be the safest surgical procedure some risks will still arise. The risk is in that not only may complications occur but also one may not get the actual results anticipated but they may also get unnatural shapes. The lips could become bigger and uneven. The end results are not guaranteed upon. Collagen is a substance gotten from the cows skin and if the medical history of a patient is not established it may lead to side effects that one was not aware of. If collagen does not work well neither does fat, then some injections acquire their materials from cadavers. The materials are handled with care to make sure they are disease free but one cannot be completely sure of these.

What Do You Know About Treatments

What Do You Know About Treatments