The Varieties of Boxing Gloves

The gloves used in boxing are very many varieties. The boxing gloves differ in their weight shape and size. Choosing the wrong grove may prove to be a costly mistake. Boxing gloves are largely specialized in purpose hence when buying a pair one ought to choose that which fits their purpose. Elucidated herein are some of the wide varieties of boxing gloves.

Gloves used to hit bags. These are gloves that are meant to protect your hand and not what you are hitting. These gloves are largely used in a training session to hit training aids. Punching the bags produce great impact hence these gloves are meant to absorb the impact hence protecting the hand knuckles.

Sparring gloves. These are gloves designed to protect both you and your sparring partner. They are meant to enhance skills and not kick out your partner. They are a bit bigger and more padded than the gloves used in bouts. They are recognized due to the protection is given to both the knuckles and the wrist. Due to their increased weight, they are best in building stamina and endurance more so to the shoulders.

Gloves used in training sessions. These gloves are used by a lot of boxers. They are made to fit all the training needs. Since training needs are diverse getting a boxing training glove that will fulfill all your needs is difficult. Training activities such as spar sessions and bag hitting will require soft and hard gloves respectively hence these gloves may not be appropriate. These gloves work well with the newbies.

Competition gloves These gloves are normally used for bouts. These gloves are used by the competitive boxers. They are less padded to ensure that you hurt the opponent. These gloves are designed to be used exclusively for competitions. If these gloves are used for other uses such as bag hitting they might end up causing injuries. They are expensive than other gloves as they are the core gloves.

Gym gloves These are gloves used on hitting bags. These gloves protect the user from any injury due to the heavy padding is done on them. These gloves should not be used to transition to boxing since they are short lived. Comparing these gloves with all the other types, they are the ones with the least padding.

Kick boxing gloves. These type of gloves are slowly gaining popularity. These gloves have the same look just as all the other gloves. These gloves are designed specially to enable the boxer to catch the opponent using their hands.

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