Lawn Care Tips To Observe During Spring Season

The spring season involves a lot of work when it comes to maintaining the lawn. The following are tips that can be utilized when caring for the lawn. It is a requirement for one to rake their lawn to control development of the thatch of the lawn. It assist in removing the layer of thatch that could have gathered on the lawn. Raking your lawn often helps to reduce the matted and grass that could have tangled on the grass blades. It is important to rake the lawn in spring season even if one had raked during the fall.

When your lawn experiences heavy traffic the soil becomes compact. The soil compaction is heavy which presses the soil and smothers the pores. When the soil lacks important nutrients and water, the compaction of soil occurs.The compaction of soil as a result of the soil lacking essential nutrients and water. This causes a stump to the grass root growth. Your lawn should have good airing during the fall. This will cut down the soil compaction. This needs to be carried out when one notices the presence of moss on the lawn. Moss is a sign of soil acidity in the lawn. The soil should be checked for acidity and send to the laboratory for testing. Liming needs to be done on the lawn with high acidity on the soil. The neutralization of the soil acidity can be done by the use of calcium and magnesium-rich materials.

Presence of weed in your lawn should be eliminated by the use of herbicide. This needs to be carried out when the weed seedlings emerge and develop above the surface. The herbicide applied depends on the kind of weed that grows on the lawn. The lawn mower needs to be maintained every year. The lawn mower process of maintaining includes changing the oil, the spark plug and cleaning of the air filter. Lawn mower turning up is an easy process that every lawn mower should know.

The lawn mowing expertise should be developed with more ideas. You can practice mowing your lawn since the sun is not scorching during spring. The lawn need to be kept in the right condition for the whole spring season. The level of grass should be maintained at a certain level especially two inches in the whole year.

The lawn should regularly be treated to keep it free from insects, weeds and diseases. The lawn needs to have adequate water and fertilizer that will give the soil essential nutrients. This will contribute to your lawn getting a thick, green, luscious grass that many will prefer to have Applying the right fertilizers will give essential nutrients to the soil that will be absorbed by the plants making them healthy.

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