How Should One Choose the Best Recurve Bow?

The popularity of bow hunting and archery cannot be questioned, and if you are one of these enthusiasts, then it is important for you to choose the right equipment. It has been centuries since the recurve bow has been invented and up to today it is still the favorite of hunters.

Recurve bows come in two types and both are ideal for bow hunting and archery. If you ask archers today, they will tell you that they prefer using the traditional recurve bow instead of the modern compound bow. You will understand why they choose the traditional recurve bow if you know why. These people want to use their bows naturally without any technological assistance. This way, your shooting skills will be used and this makes it more challenging than simply relying on technology. The other type of recurve bow is the compound bow which comes with many technological features which will help guide archers and this is ideal for beginning archers.

When choosing a bow, you have to determine your hand preference. Since most people are right handed, most prefer shooting with their right hand rather than their left, and this goes the same for left handed people. For the right hand method, the bowstring is drawn with your preferred hand and the left hand holds the bow. This right hand method uses the right eye for aiming. If you reverse the right hand technique using the left hand, then you have the left hand method of shooting. And in this method, the left eye is used for aiming. Another type of aimer is the cross dominant aimer who does not follow the usual way but instead uses the opposite eye to aim.

When choosing a recurve bow, draw length is also important. If you fully draw your bowstring, then this distance to the front of the bow is the draw length. There are many ways of measuring the draw length of the arrow, from your height or your arm span divided by a specific number.

The last consideration when choosing the right recurve bow for your needs is the draw weight. The draw weight of your recurve bow should match your body type and shooting style. Drawing the bowstring to full length needs force and this is what draw weight is. The ideal draw weight will allow you to draw back the bowstring at full length for only a few seconds. You will also know if you need to add more draw weight if holding the bowstring back is fairly easy and can stay there for longer periods of time.

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